WATCH: Video Footage Recorded By Marines Shows UFO Over Military Base

UFO Flying Saucers over the Extraterrestrial Highway in Nevada.

Photo: Getty Images

Multiple videos appear to show a UFO flying over Camp Wilson in Twentynine Palms, California. The videos were recorded in April 2021 but only recently released by Jeremy Corbell and George Knapp during an episode of their podcast, Weaponized.

Corbell and Knapp said that at least 50 people, including dozens of Marines, reported seeing the triangular object with lights on its edges. The object was in the air for about ten minutes and prompted a response from military officials, who dispatched helicopters and dozens of trucks to the area.

Corbell and Knapp said they received six different videos recorded by Marines using their smartphones.

In one of the videos, the Marines can be seen firing a flare into the sky, hoping to illuminate the mysterious craft. However, the craft quickly disappeared before it could be illuminated by the flare.

Corbell said that he believes the object was likely the size of a two-story house.

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