This Is Massachusetts' Most Sought Out Christmas Present

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A recent study has named the iPad as the most sought after holiday gift in Massachusetts.

AT&T Experts shared its list of "the gifts Americans are searching for most this holiday season."

Massachusetts was among seven states that had iPad listed as its most popular item in the study, along with Colorado, Kentucky, Maryland, Montana, New Jersey and Oklahoma.

Apple's AirPods were also listed as the most popular item in Alabama, Georgia, Hawaii, Kansas and New Mexico.

The PlayStation 5 was the most sought after item nationwide, which shouldn't be a surprise given its high demand coinciding with limited units being available.

"We looked at Ahrefs keywords based on the domain, traffic, and volume," AT&T Experts wrote while explaining its methodolgy for the study. "Then we ranked the keywords based on the estimated monthly organic search traffic of the website’s ranking page from a given keyword. From there, we took the top 10 keywords and used Google Shopping to break them down by state popularity over a 90-day period."

Here is the full state-by-state breakdown of the gifts Americans are searching for most this holiday season:

  1. Alabama- AirPods
  2. Alaska- TV
  3. Arizona- Nintendo Switch
  4. Arkansas- PlayStation 5
  5. California- Nintendo Switch
  6. Colorado- iPad
  7. Connecticut- PlayStation 5
  8. Delaware- PlayStation 5
  9. District of Columbia- TV
  10. Florida- TV
  11. Georgia- AirPods
  12. Hawaii- AirPods
  13. Idaho- Instant Pot
  14. Illinois- TV
  15. Indiana- PlayStation 5
  16. Iowa- PlayStation 5
  17. Kansas- AirPods
  18. Kentucky- iPad
  19. Louisiana- PlayStation 5
  20. Maine- PlayStation 5
  21. Maryland- iPad
  22. Massachusetts- iPad
  23. Michigan- TV
  24. Minnesota- PlayStation 5
  25. Mississippi- PlayStation 5
  26. Missouri- Roku Player
  27. Montana- iPad
  28. Nebraska- PlayStation 5
  29. Nevada- PlayStation 5
  30. New Hampshire- Instant Pot
  31. New Jersey- iPad
  32. New Mexico- AirPods
  33. New York- Nintendo Switch
  34. North Carolina- PlayStation 5
  35. North Dakota- TV
  36. Ohio- TV
  37. Oklahoma- iPad
  38. Oregon- Nintendo Switch
  39. Pennsylvania- PlayStation 5
  40. Rhode Island- TV
  41. South Carolina- Roku Player
  42. South Dakota- Roku Player
  43. Tennessee- PlayStation 5
  44. Texas- PlayStation 5
  45. Utah- TV
  46. Vermont- Nintendo Switch
  47. Virginia- TV
  48. Washington- Nintendo Switch
  49. West Virginia- Roku Player
  50. Wisconsin- Nintendo Switch
  51. Wyoming- Kindle

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