Biden Addresses Numerous Trump Policies During First Hours As President

President Joe Biden quickly got to work during his first day in office.

Biden signed 17 executive actions during his first hours in office in an effort to dismantle Donald Trump's policies, dismantling more of his predecessor's policies than any modern president, CNN reports.

The actions included signing several executive orders, memoranda and directives to agencies, which aim to address the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and undo many of Trump's signature policies, including the construction of a border wall and a travel ban that specifically includes many countries with majority Muslim populations.

President Biden also signed off on several progressive policies in relation to the environment and diversity, which were blocked throughout the Trump administration. He also plans to reverse several of Trump's previous attempts to withdraw the U.S. from several international agreements, which includes rejoining the Paris climate accord and stopping the United States' departure from the World Health Organization, a decision Trump made amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Biden has imposed a mask mandate on federal property, as well as a coronavirus response coordinator to oversee the administration's efforts to distribute vaccines and medical supplies in response to the ongoing pandemic.

Biden press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters the first-day actions are the beginning of several to undo Trump policies and meet Biden's campaign promises during his first few weeks in office.

Photo: Getty Images